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Nervous About An Upcoming Speech or Presentation? This Guide Will Help!


A Proven System To Overcome Stage Fright & Absolutely Crush It Whenever You Have To Speak or Present In Public, On Video, or On Social Media!

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"I'd Prepared My Speech... I Knew What I Wanted to Say... I Just Didn't Feel ConfidentSomehow, I stumbled upon the Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence & decided to download it. In just one afternoon, I was able to increase my stage confidence without much effort. As an unexpected bonus, when I delivered my presentation, it didn't fall flat (like I was scared it would). I kept my audience fully engaged! This guide is an absolute MUST READ for anyone who has an upcoming presentation to give & is anxious about it."

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The Secrets To Unlimited Confidence On Stage, On Video, or On Social Media!

From: Devon Brown

Atlanta, Georgia

Tuesday, 1:24 PM

Dear Future Ultra-Confident Speaker,

Do you get nervous before presentations or speeches?

Do your palms start to sweat and your heart race?

Maybe you know what you want to say... You've done the preparation... But you're you're just not confident you're going to crush it!

If so, you're not alone. A few years ago, a major study revealed a shocking discovery: millions of people consider public speaking more terrifying than death.

Think about that for a moment. There are people who would rather stare death in the face than stare in the face of an audience.

But, it doesn't have to be this way…

With your permission, I want to send you a downloadable copy of my top selling book that has the power to help you transform from stage-fright, to stage confidence!

I shared a copy of this short book in private to 10 of my top public speaking students and asked them if it was worth an asking price of at least $97….

All of them replied with an enthusiastic YES!

Most told me I wanted too little for it (given the sheer amount of priceless content contained inside). 

But they ALL agreed that if they had known these methods when they first decided to become better public speakers, they would have been able to see success in 1/10th the amount of time.

Anyone can blatantly copy my proven system!

What I share works amazingly well for:

  • Aspiring public speakers or event hosts

  • Social Media content creators looking to increase your reach & impact

  • Those who need to be better speakers to sell their product or service

  • People who freeze up when they have to be on video

  • Those who have a message deep down inside to share but are nervous to share it

  • Corporate business persons who know better public speaking is the key to advancement 

  • Anyone who just wants more confidence when asked to stand up and speak in public

This is no joke.

When you get your hands on this exclusive content, you’ll be able to instantly implement the missing secrets that have been keeping you from the confidence and success you deserve when it comes to speaking in public.



A Proven System To Overcome Stage Fright & Absolutely Crush It Whenever You Have To Speak or Present In Public!

Inside You'll Discover...

  • Why stage-fright isn't actually stage fright  - and how by understanding what it really is, you can practically eliminate everything that's holding you back!
  • The "secret" about the audience/crowd that 95% of stage presenters will never know, and how you can use this to make them like and respect you almost instantly!
  • The secret mental trick (originally discovered by one of the world's foremost personal development experts), that puts your brain in a place of 99% certainty that you'll do well!
  • How to mess up... stumble over your words... suffer from brain freeze... and the the crowd to end up loving you MORE!
  • The little-known body language hacks that will trick you (and the audience) to believing that you're the most confident public speaker ever!
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!



🛡️Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

What Is The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence?

The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence is my very own step-by-step system for transforming everyday people from nervous, self-doubting, anxious public speakers… to confident & charismatic presenters.

To help you make this transformation in your own life, we focus on 3 main areas…

#1: Understanding Yourself: There’s an age-old saying that tells us that if we don’t properly understand the problem, then we’ll never find the solution.

The truth of the matter is that most people experience nervousness or anxiety around public speaking in large part because you misdiagnose (or should I say misunderstand) what’s going on inside that’s making you nervous. When we focus on understanding yourself, you get out of your own way and allow yourself to shine in the spotlight!

Just understating this first element can increase your public speaking confidence by 50% or more

#2: Understanding The Audience: Here’s the thing… Less than 5% of people who ever take the stage actually understand the audience.

The rest make up incorrect assumptions about what the audience is thinking or what they really want. Once you understand the audience, you’ll be free to become the most captivating & authentic version of yourself. 

#3: Understanding The Actions That Are PROVEN To Increase Confidence: This is where the rubber meets the road. Now that you understand yourself and the audience, it’s time to answer the following question;

What physical actions can you take to decrease your anxiety and increase your confidence before you go on stage?

There are a handful of things you can PHYSICALLY do that are PROVEN to put your mind and body in a place of absolute confidence.

And I can’t wait to share them with you.



included with your order

The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence!

The eBook that will show you how to have unlimited confidence on stage!

included with your order

Bonus #1: Access To Our Private Inner-Circle Group ($97 Value)
An exclusive Facebook group that where you'll learn from expert public speakers!

Bonus #2:My Secret 30-Second Routine For Public Speaking Confidence ($97 Value)
The secret 5 step (30 second) routine that eliminates anxiety before you take the stage

Bonus #3: 27 Hilarious One-Liners To Make The Audience Love You ($27 Value)
Get the crowd eating out of the palm of your hand with these hilarious one-liners!

So - Just Who Am I To Be Sharing Such A Powerful System With You?

Hi, I’m Devon Brown
(That’s “Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”)

Today, when the biggest names in personal development, entrepreneurship, and internet marketing need someone to excite and energize their crowd, they call me.

I’ve been on stage in a variety of ways for the better part of 30 years - as a speaker, hip-hop dancer, mascot, and event emcee...

Conservatively, I’ve been on stage over 7,500 times. And if there’s one thing I know about when it comes to going on stage, it’s how to tap into CONFIDENCE regardless of the type of stage or the size or the crowd.

I’ve spoken in front of groups as small as 5 or 6 people, and was also the first person to virtually host a webinar with over 100,000 people LIVE in attendance.

I've share the stage with people like Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, Rachel Hollis, Lets Brown, Amy Porterfield, Price EA,  E.T. The Hip-Hop Preacher, and a several others.

Here are a few pics of me on some different stages, hanging out with a few people you may know…

Sharing the stage (in studio) with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi And Russell Brunson

On stage in front of about 1,000 people at a Brendon Burchard & Dean Graziosi  seminar in Arizona!

Light’s, Camera, Action

But things weren’t always like this for me…

Back in the day…

My hands used to shake violently at the mere thought of going in front of an audience, whether that audience was 500 people or even just 5. 

Plus I used to be super self conscious about my weight. 

Seriously, I was so skinny I had to run around in the shower to get wet. So just the thought of having the spotlight on me felt absolutely terrifying.

And to top it all off, when I was about 14 years old I was bullied by an older kid who literally told me that “my voice sucked and that I should never talk”.



A lot of people see me on stage today as a top public speaker and the World’s #1 Event Emcee and they assume that I’ve always just been naturally good on stage.

But the truth is that without the insider stage-confidence knowledge that I’ve learned over the past 30 years, I would never be where I am today.

I want you to have the same knowledge…

But I don’t want you to have to go on stage 1,000+ times to have to figure it out yourself.

That’s why I put it all inside of The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence.

And if you grab a copy today, I’ll even include some extra free bonus gifts to help you accelerate your success….

The Book Is Just The Beginning...

My goal with this book isn't for it to just sit on your digital bookshelf & collect dust...

No, my  goal with this book is for you to implement the information inside and step into unlimited confidence when you have to speak in public

That's why we've included 3 additional bonuses at no additional cost to you.

Each of these bonuses serves a very specific purpose - to help you get the most out of this book.

Without further ado, here are the bonuses you'll get for free when you claim your copy of the Million Dollar Group method book today...

I'm Including 3 Free Bonuses To Help You Take Your Public Speaking To A Whole New Level!

($97 Value)

Access To Our Private Members-Only
 Pubilc Speaking Facebook Group

Inside our exclusive community, you'll discover the tools, strategies, and tactics used by the best public speakers in the world to overcome stage fright, speak more authentically, and become truly Awesome on Stage!

You'll have access to exclusive content, free coaching, and access to knowledge and insight from some of the best stage presenters in the world!

($97 Value)

The Secret 30-Second Routine That Gives You An Endless Supply of Natural
Self-Confidence Before You Go On Stage

What if you had a secret routine that you could use whenever you were about to go on stage?

What if this secret routine was only 5 steps and only took about 30 seconds to do?

And what if, by doing this simple routine, it would practically force your body into a state of natural confidence?

Well, no need to ask "what if", because I want you to have the secret routine I developed for free!

($27 Value)

27 Hilarious One-Liners To Keep Your Audience Engaged & Make Them Love You

How do great speakers connect, engage and entertain their audiences? The answer: HUMOR

By making people laugh, you break the ice, keep their attention, and make their brains release "happy" chemicals (like dopamine) . But how to you inject humor into your speech if you're not naturally funny?

The answer: Get immediate to this exclusive free bonus free!


🛡️Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

The Best Money-Back
Guarantee In The World

If I can't help you become more confident on stage... I don't deserve your money.

So here’s the deal:

You have a full 30 days o go through The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence digital book and implement what you learn...

…and if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let me know, and I'll will refund every penny back to you.

On top of that, we’ll even let you keep your copy of The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence AND all of the bonuses, on us, as my gift to you.

So there’s no risk.

You either LOVE the book, get great results implementing it, or we send you your money back, no questions asked.

Sound fair?

Click the link below to get INSTANT access RIGHT NOW (even if it's 2AM)!

Download The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence Today For Just $7.95

Why Am I Giving You So Much Life-Changing Value For Less Than The Price Of Single Movie Ticket?

Because I know what it's like...

I know what it's like to get on stage and freeze. I know what it's like to have your nerves get the best of you. I know what it's like to have your hands shaking like Shakira's hips and to have the butterflies in your stomach doing the Electric Slide.

I also know what it's like to overcome the nervousness... step out on stage... and absolutely CRUSH IT!

I want you to know that feeling too.  RIGHT NOW!

Just imagine the what life would be like if you had  the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE of being able to go on any stage, at any time, and know with 100% certainty that you captivate the audience and deliver a great message!

What Others Have To Say...

Here's what you'll get when you order the Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence today...

  • tHE ultimate stage confidence guide:  Digital Book ($47 Value) 
  • FREE BONUS #1: Private Inner-Circle Facebook Group ($97 value 
  • FREE BONUS #2: 30 Second Routine To End Stage Fright ($97 Value) 
  • FREE BONUS #3: 17 One-Liners The Audience Will Love ($27 Value) 

Total Value: $268.00

ONLY $7.95

All we ask is that you commit to implementing the information inside.

🛡️Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This & I Hope You Enjoy The Book!

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

We're granting you instant digital access to my brand new book, "The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence” for a one-time only $7.95.

Inside, we'll share with you a proven system for overcoming stage fright & absolutely crushing it whenever you have to speak or present in public.

... using the same methodology I’ve used to (insert end result they want) 

... and hundreds of our clients have used to (insert other end result they want).

The reason why we're offering the book for only $7.95 ... is because our long-term plan is that you'll love the book & someday hire us to help you implement what's inside.

If you don't absolutely love the book, simply let us know, & we'll grant you a full refund AND even let you keep the book & the bonuses ... as our gift to you.

Plus, I'm giving you 3 amazing free bonuses (yours to keep) as my way of saying thank you and helping you on your public speaking journey 

Click here now to claim your copy.
You're absolutely gonna love it

Devon Brown
Public Speaking Trainer & World's #1 Event Emcee

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who Is This For?

This book was written for anyone who wants to be more confident when speaking in public. Examples include (but aren't limited to):

  • Aspiring & newbie public speakers.
  • Business professionals or coaches who want to speak more confidently & charismatically.
  • Those looking to be more confident on video or social media.
  • Event hosts or emcees.
  • People who want to use speaking to excel in business or sell a product.
  • Anyone who just wants to be able to confidently stand up to speak when the opportunity presents itself.

Q: Is There A Guarantee?


If I can't help you become more confident on stage... I don't deserve your money.

So here’s the deal:

You have a full 30 days o go through The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence digital book and implement what you learn...

…and if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let me know, and I'll will refund every penny back to you

Q: Will This Confidence System Work For Me?

I've been using the knowledge inside The Ultimate Guide to Public Speaking Confidence for years. I've also shared many of the tips and insights with people who I've met in person. I've even shared this information with professional speakers at events who were nervous to go on stage.

In every instance, what I taught ABSOLUTELY lessened their stage-anxiety and increased their confidence.  This isn't theory, it's 100% proven, and I guarantee it can work for you too!

Even if your mouth dries up and the butterflies in your stomach start break-dancing, this system can and will work for you!

And if for some strange - one in a million - reason you try the strategies outlined in this book and they don't EXPONENTIALLY increase your public speaking confidence, I'll refund the price of the book and even let you KEEP IT, on me, as my gift to you.

Q: I Want This! Exactly What Am I Getting When I Order Today?

First you're getting the main book: The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence is my very own step-by-step system for transforming everyday people from nervous, self-doubting, anxious public speakers... to confident & charismatic presenters.

In addition to that I'm going to let you into my private public speaking inner-circle! Here you'll get to learn from me directly and be surrounded by like-minded people who are all looking to level-up their public speaking

Also, I'm going to give you access to my secret 30 second routine I use to eliminate stage fright before I go on stage.

Lastly, I'm throwing in an additional free bonus that reveals 27 one-liners that you can use to put a smile on the crowds face and make them love you!

It's a total value of $268, but you're getting it for less than the price of a happy meal!

Q: Can I Get A Physical Copy?

Because I want to get this information into your hands as fast as humanly possible, the book is only available digitally, but long-term, I plan to make it available in physical format as well. So be on the look out for updates.

Q: How Can I Get In Touch With You If I Have Questions?

It's easy! Just email my team and me at and we'll help you with whatever you need.  Our success is your success and we want to see you win!

Q: How Is This Different From Other Stuff Out There?

Most people trying to teach this stuff haven't' been on stage as much (or in as many different ways ) as I have.

Most people teach you stuff they've read or stuff they've maybe tried one time. I've been o stage more than 7,500 times, so I'm teaching from experience, not theory

Q: How Quickly Will I Have Access To It?

right away! Once you've made a successful purchase, a special access link will be sent to your email within minutes. 

Simply click that private access-link and you'll be immediately taken to the product! You can literally start using the strategies inside within just a few minutes from right now!

UNLOCK The confidence

hidden INSIDE you!

it's Time To level-Up Your Life!

The doors that effortlessly open for those who can speak confidently in public are limitless. Almost anything you want in life can be more easily reached if you have the ability to communicate with confidence, clarity, and charisma. The the first step now!



🛡️Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 
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