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When the biggest names in business & personal development want to create an event that brings more energy, more profits, and an unforgettable experience for their audience, they call Devon Brown

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"This is YOUR EVENT -
So Ultimately I Want YOU TO WIN!"

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About Devon...

An Emcee That Truly Elevates Your Event

Let's get real. Sure, I could say, "I bring energy and make your event unforgettable," but isn't that what everyone claims? 

Here's the deal: I get booked a year in advance and even have events change dates to secure me. Why? Because after being on over 7,500 stages, I've mastered the nuanced art of audience engagement.

I ensure your crowd stays tuned in and has a blast. This not only levels-up the experience for your audience, it elevates your event's ability to turn a profit. It's been said I do this better than 99.999% of hosts on the planet.



Devon Brown with Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi
(9-Figure Entrepreneur)

Barbara Corcoran
(From TV’s Shark Tank)

Prince EA
(Social Media Sensation)

Tony Robbins
(#1 Motivator)

Devon Brown with Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard
(#1 High-Performance Coach)

Marcus Lemois
(TV’s “The Profit”)

ET - Eric Thomas
(The HipHop Preacher)

Brian Tracy
(OG of Personal Development)



How Can Devon Level-Up Your Event:

Devon Brown speaking on stage at Growth Summit

In-Person Event Hosting

With a unique ability to energize audiences and maximize event impact, Devon is the secret weapon for a truly unforgettable and successful event. A maestro at unlocking crowd energy and threading the theme of your event into every introduction, he knows how to propel your event's success to new heights. 

Virtual Hosting & TV Events

Master of virtual audience engagement, Devon ensures that your remote attendees stay energized, connected, and engaged from start to finish. Known for creating a live-event feel in a virtual setting, he maximizes participation, keeping viewers tuned in until the very end.

Emcee & Host Training

Elevate your event hosting with Devon's unparalleled expertise. Whether it's an afternoon crash course or comprehensive training, Devon enhances your skills (or your team's skills), ensuring every event you touch turns into an unforgettable experience.

Keynote Speaker

As the Worlds' #1 Event/Conference Emcee, Devon has unmatched expertise on the topics of Public Speaking Confidence & Audience Engagement.   

Often hailed as the most engaging speaker at any event, his dynamic keynote presentations will show your attendees how to be more confident, composed, connected, & captivating when presenting on any stage. 

client testimonials

What Clients Have To Say About Devon:


He's the only emcee we've hired for 9 straight years.

- Russell Brunson

Devon Brown with Dean Graziosi


After the first day of him hosting my event, I told him to triple his prices.

- Dean Graziosi

Devon Brown with Brendon Burchard


I loved the energy he brought to the audience at Growth Summit!

- Brendon Burchard 


Devon was hands down better than every other emcee we've ever tried.

- Aspire Events

- Andy Stickel

- Matt Bacek

- Dan Henry

- Bill Houser

"When Your Attendees Win... You Win."

- Devon Brown

attendee testimonials

What Audiences Say About Devon:



Some events are all about making sales... In one calendar year alone, the events Devon emceed brought in over $120 Million for their organizers.

#1 Go-To For Top Planners

When top event planners are putting on a high-level event (like SAGE Events - planners for Tony Robbins), Devon is their FIRST call to host.

Better Under Pressure

When things go sideways at an event (like the AV breaks and you need to stall for time), that's when Devon takes over and like magic, elevates the event!

Over 7,500 Audiences

From college stadiums to dance-floors to rooms full of entrepreneurs... Devon has entertained and elevated audiences of all types for over 25 years.

See Devon In Action (Unedited)

See Why He's One Of The Best In The World!

Let's Get It Started

Kicking Off An Event

Audience Engagement

5,000 People Fully Engaged

Storytime With The Audience

Trust Your Inner Voice

Seamlessly Stalling For Time

11 Minutes To Fill With No Warning

Am I The Right Emcee For Your Event?

Not EVERY event is a perfect match for my style of Engagement.  

Here are some questions to see if I am right for YOUR event...

  • Does your audience mostly include people looking to improve their lives?
  • Do you want your audience to have fun, be loud, and be fully engaged?
  • Do you want an event emcee that can PROPERLY introduce speakers and help connect the content of each speaker to the overall theme of the event?
  • Are you looking to hire an emcee that understands the energy of the room and how to control it?
  • Would you like to have an event emcee that can do MORE than just read notes off of a cue-card or tell a few scripted jokes?
  • Do you want an emcee who can energize, dance, have fun with your audience... and get them on their feet?
  • Are you in search of a professional emcee who is experienced enough to know that he needs to understand YOUR goals for YOUR event; and will work with you to make them happen?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then I'd love to hear from you!

Let's set up a time to talk 1-on-1 and see if I can be of service.

There Are Two Ways To Get In Touch With Me To Discuss Your Event...

CALL ME: (224)-DEVON BROWN | (224)-338-6627


EMAIL ME: DB@DevonBrown.com | Subject: Emcee My Event

Ready To Ignite Your Next Event?

CALL ME: (224)-DEVON BROWN | (224)-338-6627
EMAIL ME: DB@DevonBrown.com  
Subject: Emcee My Event

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