AOS Masterclass Free Sample Lesson

Module 5 LESSON 3:  Two "Magic" Words To grab and Keep Your Audience's Attention

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Module 1: Welcome  & Getting Started

  • 1.1 Say YES To The Stage
  • 1.2 The Most Valuable Skill You Can Have
  • 1.3 Meet Your Instructor
  • 1.4 Course Overview & Course Goals

Module 2: CONFIDENCE - Overcoming Stage Fright & Tapping Into Your Power

  • 2.1 Why You Don’t Need To Overcome Nervousness
  • 2.2 Stage Fright vs. Stage Anxiety
  • 2.3 Inside The Mind of The Audience: Part 1Course Overview & Course Goals
  • 2.4 Inside The Mind of The Audience: Part 2
  • 2.5 The Stage Fright Destroyer

Module 3: COMPOSURE - Being Cool, Calm, and In Control In Any Situation On Stage

  • 3.1 Understanding Composure
  • 3.2 The Power of Frame
  • 3.3 Body Language Secrets For Staying Composed
  • 3.4 Preparation Part 1: Days & Weeks Before You Go On Stage
  • 3.5 Preparation Part 2: Your Pre-Event Checklist
  • 3.6 The Giving Paradox
  • 3.7 Impromptu & Spontaneous Speeches

Module 4: CONNECTION - The Secret Sauce To Getting Your Message Across

  • 4.1 Why Connection Is Key
  • 4.2 The 7 Ways To Know If Your Audience Is Connecting With You
  • 4.3 Knowing Your Event/Audience
  • 4.4 Dressing For Connection
  • 4.5 Body Language Secrets For Connection
  • 4.6 Three of My Most Favoritest Connection Techniques
  • 4.7 The Two O.G.’s of Connecting

Module 5: CAPTIVATING - Make The Audience Love You

  • 5.1 Ego vs. Essence (The Core of Being Captivating)
  • 5.2. The 93% Rule
  • 5.3 The Two Words To GRAB THEIR ATTENTION (And Keep It)
  • 5.4 Make It Enjoyable
  • 5.5 The Best Combination For Captivation

Module 6: Final Thoughts

  • 6.1 It’s Ok To Suck

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