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(The Most Closely Guarded Secrets From The #1 Host In The World)

Saturday, December 14th 2023
From the desk of Devon Brown - World's #1 Event Emcee

If you're reading this, it likely means one of two things...

#1. You're a career emcee, event host, or public speaker


#2. You're someone who is about to step on stage (maybe for the first time) to host a wedding, birthday party, conference, or some other event.

Either way, one thing is for certain...

If you've made it to this page, you're SERIOUS about making your event a success.

In which case, you need to read every word on this page VERY carefully...

Devon Brown - World's #1 Event Emcee

Because you’re about to discover how to leapfrog over the painfully long ‘event hosting curve’, so you can start crushing it on stage, instantly!

But first, let’s get something out into the open.

The secrets on this page are nothing like you’ve heard before. 

They have nothing to do with the ‘traditional’ advice you’ve probably been told before, like, “dress well” and “imagine your crowd naked”. 

These secrets are much more powerful than that. 

They’re a set of unique psychological reframes I call the “Triple Impact Method” and they put you on the fastest path to being a master on stage.

In fact...

CONGRATULATIONS! The INSTANT INTROS TEMPLATES will be sent to your email inbox in less than 2 minutes! But before you grab them, read the page below NOW and discover...

These secrets are so powerful, they're the reason I'm on stage with people like...

Devon Brown with Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi
(9-Figure Entrepreneur)

Barbara Corcoran
(From TV’s Shark Tank)

Prince EA
(Social Media Sensation)

Tony Robbins
(#1 Motivator)

Devon Brown with Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard
(#1 High-Performance Coach)

Marcus Lemois
(TV’s “The Profit”)

ET - Eric Thomas
(The HipHop Preacher)

Brian Tracy
(OG of Personal Development)

They're also the reason I'm booked out over a year in advance, and regularly paid in excess of $10,000 a day  to host events!

Having said all that, now feels a good time to  introduce myself...

I’m Devon Brown.

I’ve hosted events and performed on stages since 2006.

Today, I don’t accept less than $10k to host an event. My schedule is booked out more than a year in advance. And I’m at the stage where clients plan their conferences and seminars around when I’m available. I've been on stage with celebrities, athletes, and the biggest names in business.

But believe me... I didn’t have any advantages getting started on stage.

I’m an average guy who used to shake every time the spotlight was on me. My voice would go quiet anytime I’d speak up in front of people. And I was terrified people would see how skinny I was and not respect me.

Like many event hosts and emcees I suffered my share of setbacks..

But that all changed as I started using the 3 secrets I’m about to reveal.

Suddenly, my emcee career started exploding, my rates were dramatically rising, and audiences were giving me standing ovations.

The crazy part is?

I didn’t even realize I was using these 3 secrets.

That was until the #1 vocal coach in the U.S. pointed them out to me.

Here’s the story...

The SHOCKING Story About How I ACCIDENTALLY Discovered My Own 3 Secrets...

In March of 2021 I was on stage at one of the biggest events I host every year...

If you’re an internet marketer or an entrepreneur you may be familiar with it...

It’s called Funnel Hacking Live.

Every year, Russel Brunson, Todd Dickerson, and their team, spend MILLIONS of dollars to put one one of the most impactful events in the industry.

And every year, they fly me out to host it.

Fun on stage with the people at Funnel Hacking Live

Funnel Hacking live is an INTENSE conference - it's’ like a rock concert for entrepreneurs

It’s 4 days of me pushing my voice to its limits in front of thousands of people...

That year, the unthinkable happened.

It’s morning of day #3 of the event...

I grab the microphone to announce that the doors are about to open…

Soon, thousands of  people will be rushing in to claim their seats as close to the front as possible for our amazing morning keynote speaker.

I open my mouth to make the announcement, aaannnddd…


No sound came out...

I’d lost my voice!

Internally, I’m freaking out.

Thankfully, the event planner (Bari Baumgardner of Sage Events - one of  the top event planners in the world), has been here before.

“Somebody get Roger Love on the phone - she calls out to her team!

Not too long after, I'm on the phone with the #1 Vocal Coach in America.

If you’ve never heard of Roger, don’t worry, I hadn't either. 

But he’s the speech trainer and vocal coach behind some of the biggest names in music and movies like Eminem, John Mayer, The Jonas Brothers,  Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, and Angelina Jolie

But on this day, he was working with me...

Taking me through exercises to help me get my voice back so I could finish the event. 

Thankfully, it worked.

We became friends and I told him that if he ever needed anything, I would owe him one. 

About a year later he called in that favor. 

He told me about a private coaching group and asked if I would share my secrets for emceeing.

"Sure," I said. "What do you want me to teach them?" 

He said... "I want you to teach them your 3 Secrets."

"My 3 secrets?" I responded,  "What 3 secrets?"

His voice rising, he answered...

"The 3 ALL IMPORTANT SECRETS you use EVERY TIME you're on stage"

I didn't understand so I asked him to explain... 

What he said next would be forever etched in my soul. 

"Devon, I've met the biggest names in our industry, but never seen anyone host like you. You've mastered the 3 secrets of being a top emcee so well, that I've never seen anything like it. And you do it automatically, you don’t even know you’re doing it."

He continued... 

"Devon, I’ll tell you the 3 things you’re doing on stage responsible for your success as an emcee, but ONLY if you promise to unpack them for my community & explain how you do them." 

We agreed.

The next week I joined a private room. I went into depth on the 3 SECRETS I didn’t even realize I'd been doing. 

And RIGHT NOW, I'm going to reveal the 3 SECRETS, just like I promised. The same secrets I revealed in that private room.

  • These secrets are why I can charge more than $10K/day to host an event...
  • These secrets are why I’m booked out over a year in advance...
  • These secrets are what separate the top 5% of event emcees from the 95% of “regular hosts”...

I’ll tell you all 3 now, and then we’ll dive into each one a little deeper.

Grab a pen and paper...

Secret 1

Your role as the Emcee/Host is to be the GUIDE

Secret 2

Is that your role as the Emcee/Host is to be the LIFEGUARD

Secret 3

Is that your role as the Emcee/Host is to be the STEWARD OF ENERGY

Let’s dive a little deeper into each one...

Secret #1: Your Role As The GUIDE

Imagine you’re on Safari, taking a tour through the African wilderness.

Who is responsible for making sure you get the most out of your journey? Who is responsible for making sure you know what to look out for and showing you things you might have missed if you were on your own?

That’s right... It's the Tour GUIDE!

The Guide’s job is to give the audience information and insights that help them make the most out of their experience.

Most emcees just “host” events. But not me. My first secret to becoming a Top-Level Emcee is that I GUIDE the audience through the event.

This includes things like telling them what to listen out for when a particular speaker comes on stage, or pointing out to them the deeper-level importance of why they’re here.

People like to be led by others who have more knowledge than they do. So I fully embrace my role as their GUIDE for the event.

Being a guide gets the AUDIENCE on your side!

Secret #2: Your Role As The LIFEGUARD

When something sideways happens at a pool or on the beach, the lifeguard steps into action...  right?

Well, when something “sideways” happens at an event, that’s the emcee’s time to shine!

Look, it's no secret that unexpected things are going to happen that can cause chaos at an event. The AV equipment will break… a speaker will go too long or end early,... something won’t be ready and you’ll need to stall for time…

The reason I’m booked out more than a year in advance is because event planners know that if/when anything goes sideways at an event, that I’ll step up and turn lemons into lemonade.

At one event, I was even asked to talk (completely unexpectedly) for 35 minutes!! The people putting on the event were so surprised at how smoothly I handled everything, that they asked me right then and there if they could leave a deposit for the following year.

If you’re going to be a top-shelf host, you must be a GUARDIAN/LIFEGUARD of the event’s time and reputation. Do this well, and event planners will be BEGGING to work with you.

Secret #3 Your Role As The STEWARD OF ENERGY

“Energy” is the KEY COMPONENT of a great event. But this isn’t about just going on stage and being loud...

This is about understanding the nuances of energy management so that you can have the RIGHT energy for your particular event.

Why is the RIGHT energy (and not just “HIGH-Energy”) so important?

It’s because with the right energy, you have more engagement...  The more engagement you have, the more fun the audience wins...

And if it's a win for the audience, it's a win for YOU! 

These three secrets...

  • Guiding
  • Lifeguarding
  • Being the Steward of Energy

Are why I’ve had so much success over the years.

Now, given what I’ve shared here, there’s no reason why you couldn’t try implementing these 3 secrets into your next event. Just knowing them already puts you on a level above 95% of other event emcees and hosts.

But here’s the problem with doing it yourself…

While the 3 secrets in my “Triple Impact Method” are simple, most event hosts and emcees still find they struggle with knowing where to start, figuring out how to practice them, and putting them into action on stage.

So they end up stuck with feelings of inadequacy, they continue to stumble on stage, and they remain trapped in low-paying hosting gigs.

And so recently I did something I never thought I’d do...

I set aside an entire afternoon, and I recorded a COMPLETE TRAINING that revealed ALL of my most important tips, techniques and strategies for becoming a TOP-LEVEL HOST.

It’s called...

This training reveals EVERYTHING...

Express Emcee is a step-by-step online training which teaches you how to host events with all the skills and confidence of a top 5% emcee in just one afternoon... even if you’ve never spoken on stage before.

It contains 15 easy-to-understand lessons which you can use to go from stage anxiety and cheap gigs to stage confidence and earning as much money as you desire, so you finally get paid the fees you deserve!

Unlike other speaking courses, it doesn’t take years of practice.

And it doesn’t teach you any of the ineffective speaking crap you’ll find elsewhere like, “dress this way”, and “just imagine your audience naked”.

You’re getting the little-known speaking secrets, profit producing lessons, and game-changing hosting strategies from the world’s #1 emcee.

And you’re getting it all in just one afternoon!

Here’s just a tiny taste of what you’ll learn (and how your life will change) when you get started with Express Emcee Today!

In LESSON 1, you’ll discover the "crystal ball" secret I use to effortlessly make the audience and organizers feel I'm "one of them". I'll show you some simple, yet powerful research techniques to know everything you need to know about the audience & event. You'll transform into the emcee who always seems perfectly in sync with them. 

LESSON 5 unlocks a pre-show strategy that virtually no event emcee or host does.  The "Crowd Connection" technique only takes a few minutes to do, but it transforms the energy into an electrifying atmosphere where the audience feels a personal bond with you. You'll get them "on your side" even before stepping on stage.

In LESSON 9, I'll show you how to guarantee nothing ever goes wrong at your event - Just kidding... that will never happen.  But I will show you some techniques I created so you'll be 100% prepared when things go sideways.  95% of event emcees have no clue how to handle mess-ups... and it can ruin the entire event. You'll learn how to have unshakable confidence so you'll never break a matter what happens. 

LESSON 12 is where the real magic happens (and what earns me in excess of $10,000 per day as an Emcee).  It's the behind-the-scenes skill that sets top emcees apart: masterful time stalling. Speakers will show up late, tech will break...and you're going to learn how to keep the event going smoothly and audience completely engaged when the schedule goes awry.

And what I've just revealed is just the tip of the iceberg! There are 15 micro-lessons in total. Each one is easy to digest, directly to the point, and only 10-15 minutes long. This way, you can IMMEDIATELY start putting what I've taught you into practice!

Just go through the short, easy-to-implement lessons in the program... listen to all the secrets, insights, and strategies I teach you… and you’ll have leapfrogged over the traditional decades long speaking struggle… and catapulted yourself into the top 5% of event hosts on the planet.

Crowds will love you, and organizers will book you again and again!

Honestly, I can’t wait until you feel what it’s like to step on stage with the confidence to crush it every time. To know with 100% certainty that your event will run like clockwork, even when things out of your control go sideways. To finally feel like a top-level event host and emcee.

Just imagine this for a moment… 

Imagine all the anxiety and fear and doubt you hold around stepping on stage and hosting an event just disappearing like magic.

Imagine all the worry that you’re not good enough, and that you don’t have the skills to host an event, fading away from you in one afternoon.

Imagine stepping onto the stage feeling an unshakeable confidence as you engage and interact with an audience hanging on your every word.

Imagine being thrown a complete curveball like having to stall for time, and knowing exactly how to handle it like a pro, turning a potential disaster into a memorable moment that makes the crowd love you more!

Imagine the thrill of seeing your phone light up with offers from top event organizers, who are practically begging you to host their event and are willing to pay you six figure sums for just one afternoon's work!

How awesome would that be… RIGHT?

So, the only question to ask yourself is – 

"How much is it worth to me to have the skills to confidently own the stage, captivate any audience, and effortlessly secure lucrative emcee gigs?", 

If you’re anything like most emcees and event hosts I work with privately, the answer to that could well be ‘priceless.’

In fact, my normal consulting rate for events starts at $500/hour.

Which means at the absolute least, a fair price for the Express Emcee course would easily be $1,500.

Now, that might be a lot to pay...

But wouldn’t it be worth it to be able to:

  • Have unshakeable confidence every time you step on stage
  • Know exactly how to get the audience to hang on your every word
  • Never worry about things going sideways on stage because you have the expert skills to turn a disaster into a moment of genius, smoothly 
  • And demand the fees you’re worth as a top 5% host and emcee

Well, the good news is, Express Emcee isn’t anywhere near $1500.

Heck, I won't even charge $500 (which would cover just one hour of my normal consulting fee).


Because I know what it’s like to have an event coming up and to want to put your best foot forward… And because I know what it’s like to be on a budget & get paid little (if anything) for hosting an event... I want to do something CRAZY.


Ready, here goes...

Step 1

You click the button below now, and get instant access to the ENTIRE EXPRESS EMCEE TRAINING, for a special discounted price of over 90% off.

Step 2

Keep EXPRESS EMCEE for a FULL 30 DAYS. Go through all of the modules as many times as you want and find out all my best hosting strategies...

Step 3

If for any reason within the next 30 days you feel the training didn’t help you become a more elite event host, just email my team and we’ll give you every penny of your money back 

Fair enough?

This means that you could literally go through the entire course once a day for 29 days...

steal all my best tactics...

and then just email my team on the 30th day and ask for your money back!

Why would I offer something so crazy and in your favor?

Because I don’t want you to let FEAR get in the way of you choosing to make the right decision today.

Besides, if you don’t love the training, I don’t deserve to keep your money... right?


I know this training is legit...

Here's what other top speakers have to say about me:

I've Seen Devon Use His Formula First Hand... IT WORKS!

Back in 2015 I had an idea for an event called Funnel Hacking Live (FHL). Over the years, it has grown to become one of the premier events in the world for internet entrepreneurs. And from the very first FHL there has only been one person to host it... Devon Brown.

I’ve seen Devon’s formula for being Awesome On Stage, live and in person, year after year.

I’ve seen how he uses it to excite and connect with the crowd.

I’ve seen how he uses it to step on the stage with unmatched confidence.

Very few people understand the intricacies of being on stage successfully as well as Devon does. Devon's methods don't just inspire and motivate the audience, they make everyone want to come back again and again.

As someone who has been on countless stages around the world, I can tell you 1st hand that if you get the chance to learn from Devon how to be better on stage, I suggest you take it.

Devon is literally the best emcee on earth.

Russell Brunson

Co-Founder - & Funnel Hacking Live

Devon Is On A Whole Other Level

Devon is hands down the absolute best emcee I have ever experienced. I have attended numerous conferences (over 50) and Devon is on another level compared to most emcee's. He is able to captivate the crowd, keep them engaged and communicate pertinent information near perfectly (even when he loses his voice during a conference)! I have had the pleasure of attending Funnel Hacking Live a handful of times and Devon never disappoints!

Lucas Renfroe

CEO / Founding Partner -

He’s The Guy You Want To Learn From If You Want To Own The Room From The Stage

Devon works magic on stage. I've been in the audience at numerous events where he's been the MC and I am constantly in awe at the level of energy he brings...not just on Day 1 but THROUGHOUT multi-day events that have incredibly long hours. His joy, authenticity, and excitement translates to an energized crowd that hangs on his every word and eagerly anticipates each presentation. He's the guy you want to learn from if you want to own the room from the stage.

Juliana Stachurski

Founder and CEO -

I’ve Never Seen An Event Emcee Like Him & Doubt I Ever Will

NOBODY brings the HEAT like Devon Brown. You can tell he’s insanely prepared as he methodically engages and inspires the audience. I’ve never seen an Event Emcee like him, and doubt I ever will.

Brian Reese

Founder & CEO, VA Claims Insider -

If You Have A Chance To Learn From Devon About How To Be Captivating On Stage - TAKE IT!

During my tenure at Clickfunnels, I had the honor of working with Devon at Funnel Hacking Live, an annual conference with over 5000 attendees. As an emcee, he was dynamic, engaging and had an incredible ability to bring up the energy in the room. He was quick to pivot as needed, has an incredible ability to make everyone feel as though they belong and has a careful eye for detail. If you have the chance to learn how to be captivating on stage, jump at it! You won't regret it.

NJ Rongner

Co Founder, Helm Advisory Group

He’s Tops In Our Industry & The Man To Learn From If You Want To Be Awesome On Stage

As an event promoter in the digital marketing space, it's widely known that Devon Brown is the top emcee in the industry. Nobody entertains and energizes the audience like Devon. If you want to learn how to be awesome on stage, he is the man to learn from.

Ron Douglas

CoFounder of WebinarCon -

Your moment of decision: 

embrace the stage or stay in the shadows?

Now I’ve given you all the information, it’s time to make a decision.

Some people reading this page will decide it’s harder to go through an afternoon’s worth of training than it is to stay stuck where they are.

❌ They’ll continue hosting poor events. 

❌ Keep experiencing stage fright and anxiety, stumbling on stage.

❌ Or even worse, having people never ask them to host an event again.

❌ They’ll decide that $69 is too much to get all the hosting skills they need.  

And this is fine.

I never want to push anyone into anything.

But these are the people who’ll never know what it’s like to have a crowd hang on their every word, to host an event that audiences love you for and event organizers want to pay you big bucks for, and they’ll forever spin their wheels trying to figure it out on their own, getting nowhere.  

Then there are the aspiring emcees and event hosts who say:

“Enough is enough. I’m done with trying to figure this stuff out alone.

I deserve to have the skills and confidence to host amazing events, to have crowds cheer for me on stage and hang on my every word, and to demand the hosting fees that value my worth.

And $69 is a tiny ‘price’ to pay to achieve that.”

These are the emcees, hosts, and public speakers who take charge of their goals and their life.

And they decide they want to host with confidence, that every event they host is going to run like clockwork, and that they’re worth the big fees

And they don’t want to spend years waiting for all of this success. 

They want to learn it in an afternoon and put it into practice

Right away!!

If that’s you...

Click the button below to grab Express Emcee now!

I look forward to hearing about your success.


Here's what you'll get when you Grab the EXPRESS EMCEE Training today...

  • tHE EXPREES EMCEE FULL 15-LESSON TRAINING: Instant Access ($500 Value) 
  • FREE BONUS #1: Private Inner-Circle Facebook Group ($97 value) 
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  • FREE BONUS #3: 17 One-Liners The Audience Will Love ($27 Value) 

Total Value: $721.00

ONLY $99.95 $69

All we ask is that you commit to implementing the information inside.

🛡Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

30-Day Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee

Express Emcee is not theory, it's not hypothetical. It's not filled with "good ideas". It's the exact same process I use in every event I do, including events that pay me in upwards of $10,000/day.

I am so confident that Express Emcee will transform you into a world-class host, that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Here's my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

Get Express Emcee today, and keep it for an entire 30 days. Go through the program, learn it, and use the strategies I teach you. If you're next event is in the next 30 days, then you could even use what you learn for that event!

If for any reason you're not completely mesmerized with the course content, or you don't feel like your audience (or the event promoter) love you more; I have not done my job and I don't deserve your money.  In which case, just send a quick email to support@, and we will immediately refund you. No questions asked.

Download Your Copy Of
Express Emcee For $297 Just $69...

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I know you’re going to be an amazing event host!

It’s time for you to put yourself in the top 5% of event emcees!

I can’t wait to hear about how well you did at your last event!

Grab EXPRESS EMCEE Now, and I’ll see you on the inside!

Here's what others think about this training...

"It Just Makes Sense"

I manage and emcee virtual events for 9-figure corporations and I use Devon's strategies for every single event I do. Everything he teaches just makes sense.

~ Monique Johnson
Internet Live-stream Expert

"Every Lesson Is On Point"

Each lesson in Express Emcee is on point! Devon leave nothing out to make sure anyone with any experience level can quickly master emceeing.  

~ Nathan Kettler
Advocate of Awesome

"Get This Program...Now!"

Time after time I’ve watched Devon give advice that is simply genius. If you’re Be looking to host an event or become an emcee, get this program...NOW!

~ Tommy Powers
Internet Traffic Expert

"He Takes The Complex & Makes It Simple!"

Devon has an uncanny ability to take the most complex subject matter, and present it in a way that ANYONE can understand. It's a MUST HAVE!

~ Antonio Thornton
Business Growth Strategist

"Devon Should Charge More For This Training"

I've purchased my fair share of courses and masterclasses. Devon delivers more in this training than most do in $500 programs.

~ Stephanie Bernard
Facebook Advertising Expert

"Simply Put... There Is
No-One Better."

I’ve known Devon for over a decade. When it comes to event emceeing, there’s no-one better!

~ Jason Oman
#1 Best Selling Author

By getting EXPRESS EMCEE today, you're not just accessing a simple training program; you'll be in possession of the most coveted training on emceeing and event hosting. In one afternoon, you'll unlock the potential to stand among the top 5% of event hosts worldwide.

Whether you're at a 5,000-person event or hosting a small family gathering, Express Emcee is your path to captivating any audience, at any time.

And remember, this offer, like all great opportunities, won't last forever. As I said earlier, this program actually creates direct competition for me, so I reserve the right to take it down at any time.

Grab Express Emcee today...

Ot's backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

See you on stage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have my first event coming up. Is Express Emcee right for me?

A. Absolutely! I designed Express Emcee for both beginners and seasoned hosts. Whether it's your first event or your hundredth, the course equips you with unique skills and confidence. You'll learn how to engage your audience, manage unforeseen situations, and leave a lasting impression and so much more. Your first event won’t just be successful… it’ll be memorable!

Q. How long until I can start using the skills from the course?

A. Right away – literally! The moment you finish the course, you'll have a new set of tools at your disposal. You can start implementing these techniques immediately at your next event. The course gives you practical, actionable advice, not just theory, so you can see real results from day one.

Q. I’ve been hosting events for years now, what will Express Emcee teach me that I don’t already know?

A. Express Emcee dives into advanced hosting techniques and psychological strategies that are overlooked in traditional training. It will refine your existing skills and introduce new methods for audience engagement, energy management, crisis handling and more. I pack this course with insider secrets and techniques that even experienced hosts will find invaluable for taking their skills (and fees!) to the next level.

Q. How long does it take to complete the training?

A. One afternoon! That’s it! You can buy the course for just $69 now, and spend an afternoon going through the 15 videos, and by this time tonight, you’ll be confident your next event is going to be your best one yet; your audience will love you and organizers will beg you to return!

Q. Does Express Emcee guarantee I’ll earn 6-figure speaking gigs?

A. No, any training that guarantees that is lying to you. Express Emcee gives you everything you need to demand 6 figure speaking gigs if that’s your goal… but you have to put the work in. What Express Emcee does guarantee is that if you don’t feel more confident in your hosting skills within 30 days, then I’ll give you every dollar back. No questions asked.

Q. Can’t I just figure this stuff out on my own?

A. Sure… you could. But that’d take years of trial and error. It’s taken me close to 20 years and over 7,000 events to acquire all the skills and knowledge you’re getting in Express Emcee. This training is like a ‘shortcut’ to getting every insight, skill and technique you need to host events like a top 5% of pro, even if you’re completely new to the game.

Q. How can I get started with Express Emcee?

A. Just click the button below and you’ll land on a page where you can complete your purchase for an incredible 90% off. You won’t find what I teach you in Express Emcee in any other event hosting or emcee training in the world. While other trainings regurgitate all the same old ineffective tips, Express Emcee cuts through that crap and gives you the most effective and up-to-date skills and techniques you need to host events like a pro in the fastest time possible – just one afternoon.
And best of all, you get it with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click the button below to get started risk free now!

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