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Congratulations on your smart decision to get your hands on the EXPRESS EMCEE training

The elite knowledge contained in this exclusive digital training is now YOURS, and in just a moment I’m going to take you to the course access area.

But real quick

before we do that I want to introduce you to someone...

This is Raquel Diem - also known as “Rocky

Yes “Rocky” - like the boxer

Rocky is my #1 hosting student and protege

Not too long ago, we were preparing for Rocky to emcee her first $1,000/day event, and she asked me one of the smartest questions anyone has ever asked me...

She said…

“Devon, do you have any additional footage or recorded examples of yourself on stage doing the stuff you teach?”

She told me that if she could just watch actual video of me hosting a LIVE event, it would allow her to see exactly what I was doing and that way, she'd be able to model my exact methods more easily.

I thought about just giving her a few random videos of me on stage, but then I thought to myself…

No way, Devon…

You’re her mentor…

And you really want her to CRUSH IT when she goes on stage in a few days …

So why not help her as much as you can.

“Rocky,” I said “How about we do this…”

“There's a clip that I recently came across of me on stage at an awesome event with over 3,000 people. This 30 minute clip is the PERFECT example of me engaging with the audience, stalling for time, storytelling, guiding the crowd through the event, and doing proper energy management…

“How about you and I hop on zoom, and we go through that clip TOGETHER! That way I can let you inside my mind and help you understand EXACTLY what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, the best situations to use it, and variations on the tactic that might be more helpful for YOUR particular event!

In addition to that, you can stop me along the way and ask me as many questions as you want as we go. This way, we make sure I’m giving you as much gold as possible during our time together!”

She enthusiastically agreed and a few days later the two of us hopped on zoom and recorded what we called…

DECODE THE MASTER EMCEE: My Complete Play-by-Play Event Hosting Breakdown

Over the next 82 minutes we dove into my mind (live on stage)...

And I revealed to her exactly what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how she could do it even better when it’s her time to hit the stage, later that week..

The behind-the-scenes knowledge I revealed was PRICELESS!

And the questions she asked during the recording, forced me to explain HOW and WHY I was doing certain things on stage, in a way I’d never taught anyone before!

Rocky took the insights from Decode the Master Emcee, and implemented them when she went on stage a few days later…

The result?

The person putting on the event instantly booked her for the following year and left this testimonial… and remember, this event was paying her $1,000/day! 

A Must Have If You’re Serious About Becoming a Better Speaker or Presenter

Some public speakers are good on stage, but can’t teach you what they’re doing. Others are only OK on stage but are great at telling you how good they are. Devon is one of the few who is AMAZING on stage AND can actually teach what he does that makes him great. If you’re serious about becoming a better speaker or presenter, then plug into what Devon has to share. This course is a must have.

Tony Grebmeier

BeFulfilled Podcast Host

There’s No One Better to Teach How to Become Awesome on Stage

I remember one event when one of the speakers was running late. The fact that Devon understands how to be 100% impromptu on stage proved invaluable in that instance. Without any preparation he made up (and taught) the crowd a secret handshake - which they loved! He added value to the event in a way that was totally unexpected and unprepared. That’s the mark of someone who truly understands their craft.

When I found out Devon was going to be teaching people how to be Awesome On Stage, my immediate thought was that there’s no one better to teach that topic.

Matt Bacak

Internet Marketing Pioneer -

Devon Can Definitely Help You With Your Confidence & Stage Presence

Devon Brown hosted a major Internet Marketing event in Florida a while back, and I loved the energy he brought to the stage and the people. He is very charismatic, and can definitely help with your confidence and stage presence. He comes highly recommended!

Robert Blakely


Rocky Screenshot

You see…

Rocky’s brilliance in asking me to do a live video breakdown with her is that she understood what Tony Robbins always teaches…

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and model what they do and you'll achieve the same results.”

You see… if you can get inside the mind of the person who is already an expert at doing the thing you want to do, then you can achieve success 2X… 5X… even 10X FASTER!

So… what does all this have to do withYOU?

I recorded the “Decode The Master Emcee” training I did with Rocky

And now YOU can get your hands on it, TODAY!

And check this out…

When you grab, Decode the Master Emcee, not only will you get my complete play-by-play event hosting breakdown, but you’ll also get the uncut/unedited version of the original 30 minute clip, so that you can access it and model it whenever you want!
These closely-guarded insights, are what got Rocky INSTANTLY re-booked for her $1000/day gig! So you know this works like gangbusters.

As you’ve probably heard me mentioned before…

My current coaching/consulting rate is $500/hour.

So a fair price for you to access the private video breakdown training Rocky and I did, would be about $750…

But because you’re on this page…

And because you grabbed Express Emcee

I want to make you a SPECIAL ONE-TIME OFFER…

I want to give you INSTANT ACCESS to Decode the Master Emcee not for $1,000 (which is what Rocky is getting re-booked at)...

Not for $750 (which is a fair price given my normal consulting rate)

But for an amount that will literally have you thinking I’ve lost my mind.

But like I said…


You won’t see this page or this price, ever again!

So, if you want access to “Decode the Master Emcee”, (Rocky and I’s private training)

This is the cheapest you’ll EVER be able to get it!

So, go ahead!

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