Make Your Event 10x More Engaging, Impactful, and Profitable with One Of Our Fully Certified Elite Emcees

  • The #1 EASIEST way to increase audience engagement & excitement
  • Not just a host, a strategic partner who understands your event’s needs.
  • Be the hero at your next event, seminar, or conference.

Don’t Hire Any Emcee. Hire One Of The World’s Only Certified Elite Emcees

Every one of our emcees has graduated from The Elite Emcee Trainer Academy, having mastered our ‘Dynamic Engagement Formula.’ This specialized training goes deep into the psychology of hosting events at the highest levels.

Unlike other part-time speakers, comedians, or hobbyists, our trained emcees won’t give you cheesy lines or embarrassing slip-ups. They’ll quickly understand the dynamics of your event, and craft a hosting style that perfectly matches its energy, ensuring your event is more engaging, more impactful, and more profitable than ever before.

Our Elite Emcees

Brydon Brett

Brydon Brett is an emcee, author, speaker, entertainer, DJ, singer-songw

5.0 (120 Testimonials)


Coach is the founder of the WIN ALL DAY movement, a performance

5.0 (120 Testimonials)


Dominic has used comedy throughout his life. For the most part,

5.0 (120 Testimonials)


I help people and organizations unlock potential and possibility with the shi

5.0 (120 Testimonials)

LB" Brandenburg

She is the mistress of creating a fun and unforgettable experience for any

5.0 (120 Testimonials)

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is unapologetically positive and passionate about making the w

5.0 (120 Testimonials)


Raquel, also known as Rocky, is a captivating emcee who has the remarkable

5.0 (120 Testimonials)

Raquel Diehm 

Rocky, is a captivating emcee who has the remarkable ability to keep audiences en

5.0 (120 Testimonials)

Tosin Ogunnusi

My name is Tosin Ogunnusi and I’m a mindset/Empowerment special

5.0 (120 Testimonials)

What Our Members Are Saying

“Joining PIASA has been a game-changer for our agency. The access to top-tier resources and continuing education has elevated our service quality and client satisfaction. We feel supported and empowered, knowing we're part of a dedicated alliance."

Jerome Bell
Nursing Assistant

"The Professional Insurance Agents Southern Alliance has significantly impacted our growth and professionalism. Their advocacy on legislative issues and the promotion of ethical standards have strengthened our reputation.”

Kathryn Murphy
Marketing Coordinator

“PIASA's commitment to independent agents is unparalleled. The tools, training, and networking opportunities they provide have been invaluable in our agency's success. We appreciate their focus on promoting positive agent-company.”

Leslie Alexander
Web Designer

How To Get Started...

Step 1: Book A Free Consultation Call

Start by booking a free, no-obligation consultation call. Our team will learn about your event’s specific needs, theme, and audience to ensure we find the perfect match.

Step 2: Get Matched With An Elite Emcee

Once matched, we’ll handle all the details—from travel arrangements to script writing—ensuring everything goes smoothly. Just leave the hosting to us and focus on other important details of your event, like how you’re going to manage the high demand for ticket sales at your next event!

Step 3: Watch Your Event Flow Seamlessly!

Based on your event details, we’ll match you with one of our Certified Elite Emcees whose skills and style fit your event perfectly. We’ll send you their profile for your review.