Public Speaking Courses and Trainings

Awesome on Stage Masterclass

Be Awesome on Stage: The Masterclass is a comprehensive, step-by-step system to being confident, composed, connected and captivating on ANY stage, and in front of any audience.

Created by the world’s #1 event emcee, Devon Brown, The Awesome on Stage Masterclass is a practical system designed to help you overcome any fears of public speaking and perform at your best no matter the situation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new speaker, a corporate professional, or just making a toast at a wedding -- this system works. So if you want to be ready to shine on stage -- any stage -- this program is for you.

30 Seconds To Public Speaking Confidence

Do you get nervous before presentations or speeches? Do your palms start to sweat and your heart race? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people consider public speaking more terrifying than death.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Finally, there's a time-tested formula to completely crush stage fright and unlock an endless supply of unshakeable self-confidence whenever you have to speak in public. . . And it’s yours. . . FREE! Simply click the link below to put an end to stage fright once and for all.

Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence 

Confidence around public speaking is something that over 74% of people struggle with. So, how do you get on the fast-path to overcoming stage-fright?

The Answer Is: The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking Confidence. 

Created by the world’s #1 event emcee, Devon Brown, The Ultimate Guide To Public Speaking confidence is the complete solution for understanding what to do mentally and physically to increase levels of certainty and self-assuredness when you have to speak or present in public.

This product also includes free bonuses to help you have more success even faster!

EXPRESS EMCEE: Learn How To Host Like A Pro In No-Time Flat

Have you been invited to host/emcee an event? Are you an aspiring professional event emcee? Do you want to just be more proficient at hosting in-person (and virtual) seminars, conferences, meetings etc...?

No matter your situation, Express Emcee can show you how to host like a pro in just one afternoon. Let the World's #1 Live Conference/Seminar Emcee show you the secrets of the best professional hosts in the world.

In just a few hours, you'll know more than 90% of event hosts on the planet!

THE ONE THING: Unlock The Power of STORY To Make Your Presentations Irresistible And Your Messages Stick Like Glue!

What Will Your Next Speech Or Presentation Be Like?

You can continue delivering your speech or presentation as fact after fact, maybe throwing in a graph or two, but you'll soon see your audience’s eyes glaze over as they struggle to stay awake.

Or, you could venture out and drop some cash on a storytelling book filled with complex literary theory and jargon, designed for budding novelists, not public speakers… leaving you more bewildered and no closer to engaging your audience with a compelling story.

Or, for less than the price of a couple of movie tickets, you can grab a copy of a guide that's laser-focused on showing you exactly how to weave engaging, memorable stories into your next speech or presentation. 

PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERY TOOLKIT: The 7 “Must-Have” Tools That Every Speaker Needs To Earn More Money From Their Voice

And if you’d like to break out of the accepted and restrictive “norm” of barely making ends meet from speaking, and instead earn the money you could—and should—be making, my new bundle can show you how.