Decode the Master Emcee raw recording - Watch first

The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Devon Brown
About Decode the Master Emcee raw recording - Watch first

This is the 30-minute video I break down in the next lesson. I recommend you watching it first - all the way through - as if you were sitting in the audience. This will give you the perspective of what the audience experience.

Once you're done, then watch me break everything so down so that you can see it from a very different, technical perspective.

I have to warn you (in a good way). Once you watch me break this down comment you'll never be able to see another speaker in the same way. You're going to notice the things they did right come with the things they need to improve... it will be like The Matrix"'ll see other speakers through the secret code only you and I know about 😀

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