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We Help Event Planners

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  • Become a Professional Emcee
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  • Professional Hosting Skills
  • Elite Emcee Certification
  • Emcee Job Opportunities

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  • Public speaking courses
  • Overcome fear of public speaking
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Presentation skills training 


From providing amazing emcees and hosts to improving keynote and public speakers, Awesome On Stage makes events... well, awesome!

Whether it's a 10,000 person corporate conference, an award ceremony/gala or an intimate 30 person mastermind event, our proprietary Dynamic Engagement Formula ensures audiences are engaged, entertained and educated. Making any event, one to remember.

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Customers served! 444 AUDIENCES We've Amazed
Customers served! 444  Aspiring Speakers  & Emcees learning from us
Customers served! $ 444 +  dollars generated FOR CLIENTS
Customers served! 444 +  Audience member's touched

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Have you ever wondered why a select few are able to stand up on any stage and fearlessly deliver a message that connects with their audience.

While millions of others are more afraid of addressing a crowd than they are of death itself? And yet, there are millions more that fall somewhere between these 2 extremes.

Awesome On Stage is an educational platform that gives you the tools, strategies and insights to bridge that gap between a fearful, nervous, or average speaker to a presenter who leaves their audience wanting more.

Meet The Team...

Devon Brown

Chief Entertainment Officer

Antonio Thornton


Serena Ridino

Event Coordinator

Nathan Kettler


Anna Rikka

Event Coordinator


Content & Copy

Meet The Founder: Devon Brown

My name is Devon Brown (“Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”) and I will be your public speaking coach. I knew from a young age that I wanted the stage. And while today millions of people have seen me step on stage and exude confidence in a seemingly effortless manner, the truth is that things weren’t always that way...

Main Areas of Stage Awesomeness

If You Want To Crush It On Any Stage You Step On, There Are 4 Main Areas You Must Master…
Become Proficient At These Skills And The Sky's The Limit. They Are…


Discover how to tap into a limitless supply of unshakable Confidence and become a dynamic presenter.


When you master the art of Composure, the fear that comes with the question “What if Something Goes Wrong”, disappears.


Learn the “Secret Sauce” for Getting Your Message Across through authentic connection with your audience.


Whether you’re making YouTube videos or speaking to your co-workers, you’ll have them hanging on your every word.


I'm not a public speaker but I have to present to prospects and clients all the time in my business. Awesome On Stage helped me better articulate my thoughts so people really get me. Having more confidence with my pitch has increased sales by at least 75%. I’ve even started creating Instagram and TikTok videos to get more clients.

Nathan Kettler

Internet Marketer

OMG - I got one of the scariest calls I ever received in my life. My boss called me to congratulate me on managing a successful department. He was so impressed that he asked me to do a presentation for 35 other department heads to share what I was doing with my team. I was terrified, but after working with Devon’s program, I was able to create a PowerPoint presentation and deliver what my boss said was the best presentation he's seen in a long time. Thank you Devon!

Daniele Alexander-Haynes

Assistant Manager

The ability to stand up and present, speak, or share in an effective way is a skill that very few actually master. Those who have this ability, whether in school, in the workplace, or as entrepreneurs, have an unfair advantage over everyone else. The way Devon breaks down the art and the science of speaking on stage is absolutely masterful. His training should be required for knowledge for everyone.

Cathy Cunningham



Devon Brown

author, speaker, event emcee, entertainer, internet entrepreneur, former hip-hop dancer, and student of life.

My name is Devon Brown (“Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”). I knew from a young age that I wanted the stage. And while today millions of people have seen me step on stage and exude confidence in a seemingly effortless manner, the truth is that things weren’t always that way.

I got made fun of for my voice, my hands would tremble whenever I had to stand up and speak in front of others, and I was extremely self-conscious about my body. But today, I’ve been on more stages than I can count. I’ve been a top speaker, I’ve been one of ESPN’s top mascots, I’ve shared the stage with people like Tony Robbins, and I’m widely considered to be the world’s #1 event emcee.

Over the years, I’ve discovered and proven methods to help anyone overcome stage-fright and step into their true power when they stand up to present. I created Awesome On Stage to share these insights with you. So dive deep into the content on this site, connect with me on Social Media, and be sure to take advantage of the free gift I have have for you (below). I look forward to helping you become truly Awesome On Stage

Expert Tools For 
Speakers, Emcees & Event Planners

30 seconds To Public Speaking Confidence

Do you get nervous before presentations or speeches? Do your palms start to sweat and your heart race? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people consider public speaking more terrifying than death.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Finally, there's a time-tested formula to completely crush stage fright and unlock an endless supply of unshakeable self-confidence whenever you have to speak in public. . . And it’s yours. . . FREE! Simply click the link below to put an end to stage fright once and for all.

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