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Want a proven shortcut to writing great speeches?

Ethically Steal My Ultimate Public Speaking “Cheat Sheet” To Write A Speech Your Audience Will Love… In Less Than 30 Minutes

Get 189 expertly crafted scripts, examples, and fill-in-the-blank templates you can use to write a great speech for virtually ANY public speaking occasion, fast!

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Mike P.
(Verified Purchaser)

Ok, I wasn't going to leave this testimonial, but I just had to say this... I bought the Ultimate Public Speaking Cheat-Sheet because I did the math and it was something like 0.14 cents per speaking template. For that price, I honestly thought the templates would be crap! I'm writing this to say I WAS WRONG. Just one of the templates I found helped me CRUSH a speech at work. This is now my official go-to resource for whenever I have to give a speech.

Now Available For Instant Digital Download


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🛡Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. You'll love the book or we'll give you your money back AND let you keep your copy.


Let's Cut To The Chase And Show You Just How Easy Our Expertly Crafted Fill-In-The-Blank Templates Are To Use...

Here's A Quick Sample Of One Of Our Super Easy Fill-In-The-Blank Templates For A Welcome Speech

(So You Can See How Easy We Make It For You)

Good _________ (evening/afternoon/morning). My name is __________(your name). It's a privilege to welcome you to ___________ (event/company name). We are delighted to have you here at our ___ annual _____________. That many of you have traveled long distances to be here reminds us how important our work is.

On behalf of my team, I sincerely thank all who helped plan and assemble tonight’s event. If not for your immense support, none of this would’ve been possible.

Our theme this year is __________. Our mission is to ___________________ while remaining committed to ___________________ (elaborate on the cause and who it helps).

Our goal is as pertinent today as it was in _____ (the year the company/cause/event started). It's a goal we all share — ____________ (the primary aim of the goal). ________________ (the company/cause’s name) recognizes the importance of helping ________________.

In the following ___ hours, you will learn more about our __________ (purpose/mission) through _____________ (key elements being discussed during the event.) and gain a better understanding of __________ (elaborate on the intricacies to be covered on the main issue). You will also meet many like-minded people and maybe even make some friends.

This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg! We Also Include Quotes, Examples, And Frameworks So That It's Easy To Create Any Speech You Want!

These 189 Scripts & Templates Are Perfect For:

  • Motivational Speeches 
  • Welcome Speeches
  • Introducing a Speaker
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Social Media Posts
  • Wedding Speeches
  • Graduation Speeches
  • Eulogy/Funeral Speeches
  • Acceptance Speeches
  • Storytelling

Rocky Diehm
(Presenter, Event Host)

"Devon's Cheat-Sheet Templates are my #1 Go-To resource whenever I have to speak or present. They allow me to create and customize a home-run speech in as little as 20 minutes."

Get All 189 Scripts, Examples, & Templates Now – Risk Free!

🛡Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

Imagine if you could sit down and write a speech from beginning to end in less than 30 minutes… and know with confidence your audience is going to love what you say.

Regardless of your experience, or writing skills.

And even if English isn’t your first language!

That might sound ambitious, I know.

But with my Ultimate Public Speaking Cheat Sheet Templates that’s exactly what you can do.

In less than 30 minutes, you can load up your cheat sheet guide, choose a template for the speech you need to write, and then fill in the blanks. 

It’s the quickest and easiest way to write a speech. 

My team and I have literally done all the hard work for you!

And hundreds of people around the world are already using the templates to deliver powerful speeches, without stress, in record time!

Tommi P.
(Business Owner, Speaker)

"Bro! Your templates are even easier than A.I.! Seriously, Devon, I LOVE your templates. The more speeches I give, the more I just go to my Cheat Sheet, find the one I like, and fill in the blanks. It must have taken you weeks to put all of these together, but I'm glad you did! This resource is invaluable!"

Make no bones about it, writing a great speech is hard.

And while there are tons of books, courses, and videos about “how to structure a speech” or “what to say in your best man speech”, none of them ever give you the template you need to write a speech, fast. 

What do you actually say?

How do you start?

How do you finish?

How do you segue one from opening to your main point?

But the Ultimate Public Speaking Cheat Sheet Guide gives you all this. And the easy to use, fill in the blank templates mean you can write great speeches fast, and without the anxiety you might say something wrong!

Anna Rikka 

"Just a quick note to say THANK YOU, and to let you know that I'm using your cheat sheets for both personal engagements and professional ones. I used one of your templates to give a speech at a friend's wedding last week, and I'm using a different template for a work presentation I have to give in June!! You've easily saved me 2-3 hours of trying to figure things out on by myself"

These templates have been carefully crafted by the world’s #1 emcee

That’s me, Devon Brown.
(That’s “Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”)

In the past 20 years, I’ve spoken on stage over 7,500 times.

Recently, Russell Brunson, co-founder of Click Funnels, said – 

“Very few people understand the intricacies of speaking in public like Devon does. He is literally the best emcee on earth!”

That means I know exactly how to put a great speech together. 

And in The Ultimate Public Speaking Cheat Sheet, I give you exactly the same fill in the blank templates that I use when I’m on stage.

It costs less than a meal out. 

It guarantees your speech is a hit (or you don’t pay a dime). 

And best of all, you can download the guide instantly.

Sharing the stage (in studio) with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi And Russell Brunson

Light’s, Camera, Action

That means in just 30 minutes from now, you can have a great speech in your hand, feeling confident to deliver it to an audience that’s sure to love your every word!

Get The Cheat Sheet Now – Risk Free!

🛡Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

The World's Easiest Resource for writing great speeches

Speech Templates Inside Include:

  • Motivational Speeches 
  • Welcome Speeches
  • Introducing a Speaker
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Social Media Posts
  • Wedding Speeches
  • Graduation Speeches
  • Eulogy/Funeral Speeches
  • Acceptance Speeches
  • Storytelling

Each speech comes with a minimum of TWO fill-in-the-blank templates, so you can easily tailor them to your style and message.

And I’ve even included extra pages with powerful quotes you can build into your speech, so you can wow your audience even more! 

Most people will spend years learning to write speeches like this through trial and error, spending hundreds of dollars on books, and training, or going through painfully awkward public speeches. 

But this guide will save you all the time and hassle.

Get All 189 Scripts, Examples, & Templates Now – Risk Free!

🛡Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

In Less Than 30 Minutes From Now You Can:

  • Have a great speech written out from start to finish. And your speech won’t just be good, it’ll be a crowd-pleaser that leaves them talking long after you’ve spoken.

  • Wave goodbye to sleepless nights fretting over your speech. With these templates, you’ll craft killer speeches you feel so confident in, you’ll want to deliver speeches over and over.

  • Snatch back hours of your life. Forget endless drafting or sitting at your laptop looking at a blank page. You’ll have written your speech so fast you’ll have time to enjoy your coffee hot!

  • Turn from amateur speechwriter to professional. You’re leapfrogging the painful curve of learning how to write speeches, thanks to these proven speech blueprints. You can’t get it wrong!

  • Speak with confidence. With my templates, you can speak knowing that every word is going to resonate, connect and inspire your audience, leaving them hanging on your every word.

Grab The Ultimate Public Speaking Cheat Sheet Now!

Instant Access For Just $99 $27

🛡Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

Do the templates actually work?
Hundreds of people say they do!

I told you I’ve used these templates to deliver my own speeches. 

But I’m not the only one these templates have worked for. 

There are hundreds of people, just like you, who've grabbed these templates and put them to work. And they're writing top-notch speeches in no time – better than the ones they'd sweat over for days on their own.

These aren't just templates…

They're your secret weapon for nailing any speech, any time!

Here's just a small sample of what people are saying:

"Crafting speeches became a breeze, not a chore."

~ Emily Johnson
San Francisco, CA

"Who knew speechwriting could be so easy and fun?"

~ Maria Rivera
Miami, FL

"My go-to tool for every speech, every time."

~ Raj Patel
London, UK

"Perfect Speech in minutes, not hours. Absolute game-changer!"

~ Michael Brown
Toronto, Canada

"Public speaking fear? Vanished with this secret weapon."

~ Aisha Khan
New York, NY

"Finally, speeches that sound like me, but better!"

~ Torrance Mueller
Houston, TX

I’m so confident that you’ll love how quickly and easily you can write your next speech with this guide that I guarantee you love it, or…

Or you don’t pay a dime!

You get an ironclad 30 day money-back guarantee with this guide. 

No questions asked. 

You don’t even need to give me a reason!

If you feel as though this guide hasn’t dramatically improved the speed and quality of your speech writing in the next 30 days, then I’ll refund you every cent you’re investing today. 

This guide either helps you write a speech fast, or it’s free!

Public Speaking Cheat Sheet

Here's what Happens when you Grab the Ultimate Public Speaking Cheat Sheet today...

  • Quickly craft Amazing speeches in under 30 minutes!
  • Boost Your confidence & self-assurance on stage!
  • Legally claim each speech as 100% your own! 
  • Wow Your Friends, Family, And Co-Workers With Your words!
  • Elevate your Speaking And presenting to professional levels!
  • Never struggle to write a great speech again!
  • Get all 189 examples & templates for less than $0.14 cents each!

Total Value: $99.00

ONLY $27.00

All we ask is that you commit to implementing the information inside.

🛡Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 
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