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One final quick (but important) thing before you access the Public Speaking Cheat Sheet...

The Following Is ONLY For The Select Few Who Want To Become A Top 5% Public Speaker

If you’re seeing this…

There’s a 99% chance you’re going to be on stage speaking or presenting sometime in the near future...

And as you likely already know, one of the things that makes a great presenter, is the ability to be a great PUBLIC SPEAKER...

But here’s the thing...

Public speaking isn’t just an important skill for you to have when you're presenting at work or toasting a friend at a wedding...

It’s an important skill for you to have in life!

So, if you want to become a Top 5% Public Speaker, give me just 2 more minutes and keep reading...

Public speaking coach on stage

Devon On Stage in Front of About 1,000 People

It's no secret that…

People who can confidently step on stage and captivate an audience have an unfair advantage in both their professional AND personal life...

Great public speakers have more credibility and authority…

Great public speakers have more opportunities for job growth and career advancement...

Great public speakers make more (on average) than non-public speakers...

Great public speakers can more easily (and confidently) influence, persuade, and negotiate with others…

This simple fact is that...

Great Public Speakers often have better lives

This is why, one of the most common questions I get from people who aspire to be better speakers is…

“Devon. How do I become not just Good Presenter… but  TOP LEVEL PUBLIC SPEAKER?”

At first I would answer this question by making short YouTube videos that gave public speaking tips.

But then I realized...

If I really want YOU to have the ability to step on ANY STAGE and confidently deliver your message in a way that engages and captivates your audience… I was going to have to dive deep and reveal everything I know from being on stage over 7,500 times! 

So... I flew across the country to a private studio and turned on the camera for 3 straight days. When I was done, I’d created the most comprehensive public speaking system ever created...

While recording, I unpacked everything I know  about being Confident, Composed, and Captivating while speaking in public.

In studio recording the Awesome On Stage Public Speaking Masterclass!

When I got back home…

I decided to share the course with a few of my select clients...

These consisted of both NEW and EXPERIENCED emcees and public speakers.

I wanted their feedback on how much they thought the in-depth training was worth...

The AVERAGE price they told me was $3,000.

One person said that had they known just a fraction of what I taught in just ONE module of the training, they could’ve easily added an extra $50,000 to their business!

Another said that one of the lessons on being CAPTIVATING gave her the confidence to know she could get the attention and response she wanted, both at the office AND on dates.

Yet another said that he now felt prepared to CONFIDENTLY speak in public in front of any audience... even if he was thrown on stage at the very last minute.

And one of my favorites was the 20 year old who told me that because of one of the bonuses I  threw in, she now felt that she could step into becoming a successful 6-figure public speaker, in less time than she thought was possible.

Once the feedback started rolling in, I knew I had to get it out to the public.

I packaged it all together, put it in an easy-to-instantly-access member's area...

And called it... 


THE complete step-by-step system to becoming Confident, Composed, Connected, and Captivating on ANY stage, in front of ANY audience...

Here's A Taste of You're Getting With Your Upgrade

MODULE #1:  Welcome To Be Awesome On Stage - The Masterclass

1.1 Say YES To The Stage

1.2 The Most Valuable Skill You Can Have

1.3 Meet Your Instructor

1.4 Course Overview & Course Goals

MODULE #2:  CONFIDENCE - Overcoming Stage Fright & Tapping Into Your Power

2.1 Why You Don’t Need To Overcome Nervousness 

2.2 Stage Fright vs. Stage Anxiety

2.3 Inside The Mind of The Audience: Part 1 

2.4 Inside The Mind of The Audience: Part 2

2.5 The Stage Fright Destroyer

MODULE #3:  COMPOSURE - Being Cool, Calm, and In Control In Any Situation On Stage

3.1 Understanding Composure

3.2 The Power of Frame

3.3 Body Language Secrets For Staying Composed

3.4 Preparation Part 1: Days & Weeks Before You Go On Stage

3.5 Preparation Part 2: Your Pre-Event Checklist

3.6 The Giving Paradox

3.7 Impromptu & Spontaneous Speeches

MODULE #4:  CONNECTION - The Secret Sauce To Getting Your Message Across

4.1 Why Connection Is Key

4.2 The 7 Ways To Know If Your Audience Is Connecting With You

4.3 Knowing Your Event/Audience

4.4 Dressing For Connection

4.5 Body Language Secrets For Connection

4.6 Three of My Most Favorite Connection Techniques

4.7 The Two O.G.’s of Connecting

MODULE #5:  CAPTIVATING - How To Make The Audience Love You

5.1 Ego vs. Essence (The Core of Being Captivating)

5.2 The 93% Rule 

5.3 The Two Words To GRAB THEIR ATTENTION (And Keep It)

5.4 Make It Enjoyable 

5.5 The Best Combination For Captivation

MODULE #6:  STEP INTO IT! - Final Thoughts & What To Do Next To Succeed

6.1 It’s Ok To Suck - What to do now that you have more knowledge about public speaking than 98% of the planet!


  • Bonus #1: How To Write Amazing Speeches & Presentations (Worth $97)
  • Bonus #2: Storytelling Secrets: Use Stories To Captivate & Engage (Worth $47)
  • Bonus #3: Video Secrets: Keep Your Audience Glued to The Screen (Worth $197)
  • Bonus #4: The 6-Figure Speaking Business Interview (Worth $297)
  • Bonus #5: Habits For Success -Become a WINNER IN LIFE! (Worth $197)
  • Bonus #6: How To Quickly & Easily Create Your SIGNATURE SPEECH (Worth $297)
  • Bonus #7: 17 Simple Ideas For Getting Booked On Stages (Worth $97)

Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Be An ELITE Speaker (& Get Paid Like One)

Get the entire program and bonuses (shown below) for just

$997 $297!

Claim your $700 Discount and Add it to your existing order with ONE CLICK! If you're not happy for any reason, it's backed by a 30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Add it to your existing order with ONE CLICK, and if you're not happy for any reason, it's backed by a 30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

What makes this Speaking Masterclass unlike anything you've seen or heard before?

Because it’s built on what I call the 4C’s Formula...

After years of sharing the stage with greats like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and Barbara Corcoran form TV’s Shark tank... I discovered that all of the best public speakers in the world had mastered 4 key areas of public speaking excellence (or what I call the 4 Cs)

These 4 C’s are what separated the average from the elite. And Mastering these 4C’s are the key to unlocking YOUR FULL POTENTIAL as a public speaker...

These 4 C’s are:

  • Confidence
  • Composure
  • Connection
  • Captivating

When you master these “4 C’s” of being Awesome On Stage, you’ll be able to step into ANY PUBLIC SPEAKING ENVIRONMENT, and have unparalleled success!

The Awesome On Stage Public Speaking Masterclass will shift your identity from “average”, “pretty-good” or “decent” public speaker… to DYNAMITE public speaker...

It allows you to understand what audiences really want, and give it to them...

It helps eliminate fear and doubt, and unleashes your confidence on stage... 

It lets the audience see who you really are, and makes them want more of you…

And because the system is so complete and easy-to-understand, it’s a game-change for beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers alike...

What People With All Different Levels Of Speaking Experience  Are Saying...

It’s Like Having a Cheat Code

Understanding Devon’s 4 C’s Formula is like having a cheat code for being Awesome on Stage. The audience loves you and they don’t even know why. I’m a little mad at him for not releasing this info 10 years ago.

Matt Gill

Internet Marketing Veteran

This Should Be Required Knowledge For Entrepreneurs, Corporate Professionals, & Students Alike

The ability to stand up and present, speak, or share in an effective way is a skill that very few actually master. Those who have this ability, whether in school, in the workplace, or as entrepreneurs, have an unfair advantage over everyone else. The way Devon breaks down the art and the science of speaking on stage is absolutely masterful. His training should be required for knowledge for everyone.

Cathy Cunningham

Founder and CEO at Impact Financial Group

It’s My Foundation For Crushing It Every Time I Go On Stage

I wasn’t a stranger to public speaking before I came across Devon’s info, but I knew I could improve. Once I saw how he laid out his formula, I was blown away. It makes sure I check every box I need to when presenting, and has become my foundation for crushing it whenever I go on stage. This information is priceless.

Monique Johnson

Virtual Event Expert

Arguably The Most Complete Public Speaking Training Ever

Devon has created what I would argue is the MOST COMPLETE training ever developed on mastering public speaking, stage presences, and audience engagement. His methodology breaks down every aspect of being “Awesome On Stage” in a way I’ve never seen before.

Jason Oman

#1 Bestselling Co-Author of: Conversations With Millionaires

I’ve Been Telling Devon For Years That He Needs To Teach This Stuff

As the owner of an event planning company, I get to work with more than my fair share of speakers, hosts, etc. When it comes to hiring someone to manage the energy of the room and connect with the crowd, Devon is the FIRST person I call. I have worked with Devon at numerous events over the years and there's no one who I trust more to get the crowd engaged and level up an event. I’ve been telling him for years he needs to teach what he does, I’m so glad to see he’s finally letting his secrets out.

Sherrie Sokolowski

Owner: SLS Event Planning

It’s My Secret Advantage In The Corporate Business World

People often ask me how I managed to become so successful as a woman in the corporate business world. One of my secret advantages is my ability and willingness to speak in public. When an opportunity came to take the stage, I took it. When my leaders asked for volunteers to present, I did. I had a sneak peek into the creation of Devon’s Awesome On Stage course, and I can say without a doubt that if I’d had his training sooner, my success would’ve happened even faster. Public speaking is so often overlooked in the world of startups and traditional corporations. If you’re in this world, I recommend you grad Awesome On Stage without thinking twice.

Ruth Penfold

Tech Startup Consultant & Public Speaker -

A Must Have If You’re Serious About Becoming a Better Speaker or Presenter

Some public speakers are good on stage, but can’t teach you what they’re doing. Others are only OK on stage but are great at telling you how good they are. Devon is one of the few who is AMAZING on stage AND can actually teach what he does that makes him great. If you’re serious about becoming a better speaker or presenter, then plug into what Devon has to share. This course is a must have.

Tony Grebmeier

BeFulfilled Podcast Host

If You Want To Be Better At Speaking or Presenting, LEARN FROM DEVON!

When I first saw Devon Brown on stage at a 3000+ person event, he seemed untouchable. Like one of those fearless individuals who, when the lights come on, just have that IT factor which allows them to shine effortlessly.

People like that are fun to watch & marvel at, but let's face it, there's a reason why Michael Jordan never became a coach, lol. I mean, just because someone has it doesn't mean they can teach it, ya know?

So, with that, I'll say the following...if you speak on ANY kind of stage, or present in front of ANY kind of crowd, or simply want to be ABLE to...there's no one from whom I can recommend more highly to learn that crucial skillset than Devon Brown.

Those who learn to hold attention & clearly convey their message are those who change the world. So, maybe you're a world changer & that's your goal, or maybe you just want to learn how to conquer your fears & be Awesome On Stage. Either way, I'd say you're in the right place.

Michael Popper

Founder & Lead Consultant - Popper Metrics

Let’s Add Up Everything You’re Getting... Including Over $1,200 In Bonuses!

NOTE: This course (and bonuses) contains THE complete step-by-step system to becoming Confident, Composed, Connected, and Captivating on ANY stage, in front of ANY audience... It also contains the EXACT Business/Marketing Secrets I currently use to make between $5K - $27K whenever I step on stage....

  • Main Course: Awesome On Stage Masterclass (Worth $2000)
  • Bonus #1: How To Write Speeches & Presentations That Will Bring The House Down (Worth $97)
  • Bonus #2: Storytelling Secrets: How To Use Your Own Stories To Captivate & Engage Others (Worth $47)
  • Bonus #3: Awesome On Camera: How to Keep Your Audience Glued to The Screen (Worth $197)
  • Bonus #4: The 6-Figure Speaking Business Interview (Worth $297)
  • Bonus #5: Habits For Success (Worth $197)
  • Bonus #6: The ‘Awesome On Stage’ Speaker Success Video Bundle (Worth $297)
  • Bonus #7: 17 Simple Ideas For Getting Booked On Stages (Worth $97)

That's a total value of $3,229!

Yours Today For Just $997 $297!

(plus tax where applicable)

Claim your INSTANT $700 DISCOUNT & get the entire program and bonuses for just $997 $297 when you click the green button below!

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I’ve Been Through Multiple Public Speaking Courses and Devon’s Is EASILY THE BEST!

I’ve been a student of public speaking and presenting for decades. I’ve taken courses and trainings from some of the best public speakers on the planet. But Devon’s Awesome On Stage blows them all away! It’s easily the best - and most complete - public speaking training course available. If you’re new to speaking and you even only watched just ONE of the modules, you’d instantly be 50% better on stage.

Nathan Kettler

Internet MarketerFunder, Advocate of Awesome