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Our Elite Emcees have hosted over 8,000 events across the United States. From intimate charity galas to large-scale corporate functions, they have the skills to adapt to every audience and atmosphere.

 Event planners & Event managers: 

Make Your Event 10x More Engaging, Impactful, and Profitable With One Of Our Fully Certified Elite Emcees

  • Emcee matched specifically to your event 
  • Proven ROI in ticket sales and fundraising
  • Removes hosting stress and work from your life
  • Get a personalized quote for your event in ~24 business hours


Don’t Hire JUST Any Emcee...
Hire One Of The World’s Only Certified Elite Emcees

Every one of our emcees has graduated from The Elite Emcee Trainer Academy, having mastered our ‘Dynamic Engagement Formula.’ 

This specialized training goes deep into the psychology of hosting events at the highest levels.

Unlike other part-time speakers or hobbyists, our trained emcees won’t give you cheesy lines or embarrassing slip-ups.

They’ll quickly understand the dynamics of your event, and craft a hosting style that perfectly matches its energy, ensuring your event is more engaging, more impactful, and more profitable than ever before.

  • Get matched with an Elite Emcee 24 hours 
  • Specifically matched to your events energy and style
  • Proven ROI through future ticket sales and fundraising
  • From intimate charity galas to large-scale corporate functions

Save Hours Of Time & Stress...

You could save up to 50 hours of work by hiring one of our Elite Emcees. 

No more last-minute scrambles. And no more second-guessing amateur and unreliable speakers. Our Elite Emcees will take ALL the hosting work off your hands, freeing you to get on with other important jobs.

  • Handles all hosting duties
  • Seamless event flow
  • Zero hosting hassles
  • No travel and accommodation arrangements
  • We take care of everything

When Elite Emcees Host Your Events…
You Make More Money

“Thanks to our Elite Emcee, our last fundraiser not only hit but surpassed our targets, raising an additional $150,000!”

- Sarah Vine, Saltfish Event

* $150,000 extra raised for charity from previous event
* 2x tickets sold for next event

When Elite Emcees Host Your Events…

You Save More Money

“Our event this year was a huge financial success. By choosing an elite emcee over a celebrity host, we saved $120,000 compared to last year!”

- Dave Barkley, Aspire Events

* Saved $120,000 over previous year’s celebrity fees
*Doubled earnings through higher merchandise sales

When Elite Emcees Host Your Events…
You Keep Your Audience Engaged

"Last year, most our audience had left by the final day. This year, with our elite emcee, we saw a 108% increase in audience retention on the final day! What a difference!”

- ???, ???

* 108% increase in audience attendance on the final day
* Highest ever audience satisfaction levels

A Message From Devon Brown.
Founder and Emcee in Charge at The Elite Emcee Trainer Academy.

Hey, I'm Devon Brown.
(That’s “Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”)

I’ve been hosting events since 2005, and today, I’m widely regarded as the world’s #1 emcee, regularly hosting events across the globe with household names like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck and Kevin Hart. 

As demand for my hosting services skyrocketed, I found myself in the impossible position of trying to be in multiple places at once. Initially, I asked other speakers to step in for me.

However, it quickly became clear that while they were great speakers, they weren’t great emcees.

This gap led to a crucial realization: the event industry desperately needed more professionally trained emcees.

Light’s, Camera, Action

That’s Why I Founded
The Elite Emcee Trainer Academy!

Now, I train Elite Emcees with my unique "Dynamic Engagement Formula"...

Equipping them with the skills to engage and energize audiences across the world, and guaranteeing each event is as successful as if I were there myself.

We’re serious about raising the bar for event hosting – one phenomenal emcee at a time.

Over The Past 5 Years Our Elite Emcees Have:

Customers served! 444 + Events Hosted

Our Elite Emcees have hosted over 8,000 events around the world. 

From intimate charity galas to large-scale corporate functions, they have the skills to adapt to every audience and atmosphere.

Customers served! $ 444 + Million generated

Masters at inspiring action, our Elite Emcees have helped generate over $250 million in fundraising and advanced ticket sales. 

We boost your event's financial success without you having to do any extra work!

Customers served! 444 % audience satisfaction

Our Elite Emcees consistently elevate audience satisfaction, with events they host reporting a 100% increase in attendee contentment.

This spike in enjoyment directly correlates to higher repeat attendance rates, meaning your guests come back for more, year after year.

Ready To Find The Perfect Elite Emcee To Host Your Event? Here’s How Quick and Easy It Is...

Our simple 3-step process means you can get matched with and hire one of our Elite Emcees in as little as 24 hours – perfect even if your event is just weeks away!

Step 1: Book A Free Consultation Call

Start by booking a free, no-obligation consultation call. Our team will learn about your event’s specific needs, theme, and audience to ensure we find the perfect match.

Step 2: Get Matched With An Elite Emcee

Based on your event details, we’ll match you with one of our Certified Elite Emcees whose skills and style fit your event perfectly. We’ll send you their profile for your review.

Step 3: Watch Your Event Flow Seamlessly!

Once matched, we’ll handle all the details—from travel arrangements to script writing—ensuring everything goes smoothly. Just leave the hosting to us and focus on other important details of your event, like how you’re going to manage the high demand for ticket sales at your next event!

Our Elite Emcees Are Trusted To Host Some Of The Biggest Events In The World (LOGOS)

Meet Some Of Our Elite Emcees...



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If you’re stumbling your way towards your event with an amateur host…

Stop Playing Small and Hire An Elite Emcee To Take Your Event From Good To Unforgettable.

Shortcut the hours, days, and weeks of hosting an event yourself. Or remove the worry and anxiety you experience relying on an amateur.

With our Elite Emcees, you’ll get a professional who knows how to engage your audience effortlessly, manage your events flow seamlessly, and turn your event into something your audience will never forget. 

Stop Playing Small and Hire An Elite Emcee To Take Your Event From Good To Unforgettable.

Q. Why not just go with a $500/day emcee I find elsewhere?

Think about it like this: you wouldn't trust the cheapest dentist to fix your teeth, right? So why trust your special event to the lowest bidder?

Our Elite Emcees are far from your run-of-the-mill speakers. They're certified professionals who've been trained exclusively in the art of event hosting under the world’s #1 emcee, Devon Brown. They've mastered our Dynamic Engagement Formula, meaning they do more than just show up—they transform your event into an engaging, memorable experience. 

If you want an okay, forgettable event, get any emcee.

If you want a game-changing, unforgettable event, get an Elite Emcee.

Q. How can I be sure the emcee will fit the specific tone and theme of my event?

Before the spotlight even warms up, we dive deep into your event’s personality during our initial free consultation. We chat about everything—from your event’s theme to the audience dynamics.

This isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s custom-fit to make sure our emcee matches the pulse of your event perfectly. We get it right because we take the time to understand exactly what you need.

Q. Is hiring a professional emcee really worth the cost compared to other hosting options?

Absolutely! The statistics speak for themselves — our emcees have helped raise over $250 million in additional revenue through fundraising and ticket sales.

The investment in a professional emcee not only dramatically improves the event experience but also significantly increases your event's profitability and attendee satisfaction.

Q. Can you do international events?

Absolutely! Wherever in the world your event is, we’re there. Our Elite Emcees pack their bags and bring top-notch energy and professionalism right to your doorstep, no matter the location. 

Q. Do you host in languages other than English?

Right now, it's English speaking only, but stay tuned! We're expanding our team to include multilingual talents so we can connect and engage with more diverse audiences around the globe.

Q. How do I get started?

Simple! Just click the button below to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call now. We can’t wait to help you make this event your most engaging, impactful, and profitable one ever!

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